Client-Server system which reuses a window object for displaying other GUI windows
and does not need complex mechanism like Web Application
(Applet Server System)

Multiwindow standalne Java programs turn into browser based single window programs easily.


From a viewpoint of system audit

Sometimes Web applications lead us to wrong windows, and make us waste lots of time. It comes from the complexity of web applications.

Web applications also have vulnerability, and addressing the vulnerability of web applications gets web applications more complicate. The complexity and vulnerability of Web application systems are increasing the workload of system maintenance and system operation. The life cycle of information systems consists of design, develop, maintain, operate, and discard. The time period of maintenance and operation is long. So we have to reduce the workload of system maintenance and system operation.

We need more secure and simpler IT infrastructure than Web applications to solve the problems. Applet Server System was invented for that.

The goal of Applet Server System

The goal of Applet Server System is Platform-independent Secure Simple IT infrastructure.

Mobile and PC require different programs, because they have different environment. So we have to develop and maintain at least two types of programs for PCs and Mobiles. Applications for PC and applications for mobile have different user interfaces. We have to learn two ways for one application.

Usual web applications create and control windows at server side. This complexity sometimes leads us to wrong windows, and makes us waste lots of time.

The goal of Applet Server System is platform-independent secure simple IT infrastructure.

Multi window client server system by Java Applet

Below is a conceptual diagram of Applet Server System. This technology looks like multiwindow client server system. But it has Java Applet with Swing GUI as a client that switches its screens in a simple way without any special frameworks, and its client-server communication is encrypted by open source. Existing systems, for example, main frame or server, can be used through the application server both on the internet and in house. With this technology, main frame systems and client server systems turn into rich internet applications without whole replacement. If Mobile hsa Swing or JavaFX 2.0, the same programs run both in PC and in Mobile, for example, cell phones that have browser, Java, and Swing/JavaFX which is Java GUI.

Key technologies

Switching GUI windows

In conventional technology, only head of tree structure of window components in a GUI window can be changed, but whole tree structure of window components in a GUI window can be changed with this technology.

The patented mechanism of switching GUI windows is:

0) There are a window manager and window programs in main memory, and image data created by the window programs in graphic memory
1) click a button on a window which has an event processing program
2) the event processing program removes window components from the window
3) the event processing program adds new window components to the window
4) the event processing program generates an event, and the window manager receives the event
5) the window manager sends repaint messages to the window automatically
6) the window stores the image data of the whole window to the graphic memory, then the GUI window is switched

That is all. It is very simple.

Remote procedure calls via HTTPS

Java Applets communicate with application server through web server, and the communication, which is remote procedure calls, is encrypted on HTTPS. The remote procedure calls are executed as servlets in the application server. The Java applets receive the result of the servlets and show the data from the application server. HTTPInvoker of SpringFramework is used for the encrypted communication and the remote procedure calls.

Snapshots of a demonstration system of Applet Server System

One or more Multiwindow GUI Programs and Openoffice run in the single window of Java Applet.

EIOffice/Openoffice is able to run in Applet Server System.

Applet Server System is a small idea added to the internet and Java which were invented in the USA.

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